AI AUTO Trade Cloud System EA – Automatically find the point of sale / automatic execution of the trading instructions / automatic check profit, stop loss / Genuine software

Economic data analysis and forecast module

Through real-time data acquisition and historical analysis, the medium and long term trend of artificial intelligence prediction

Historical model analysis and forecast module

The cycle of the I Ching and isomerization combination, through the historical model of heterogeneous matching analysis, artificial intelligence to predict the short and medium term trends

AIATC model matching decision module

AIATC model matching decision module is to find the core of the business point of the module, intelligent learning and artificial intelligence analysis, and give accurate price

Automated cloud transaction execution module

After economic data and big data analysis, mathematical model matching and other intelligent computing point of sale, the system to the MT4 trading platform issued a real-time trading instructions

Automation capital management module

Using HA mathematical algorithm combined with automated funds management module, intelligent management of funds, position control, product portfolio, short cycle ratio, etc.

Automation risk control module

Independent research and development of the six degree of wind control module, multidimensional degree of systematic risk, non systematic risk, transaction process module and other distribution management and control.

AI AUTO Trade Cloud System is your investment in foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil and other automated trading tools,
Is one of the best tools for lazy banking!

From now on, × you don't need to see a large number of economic data ; × you don't need to check the commodity price movements; × you don't have to look for the point of sale ; all to the good trading cloud!

System display

AIATC EA System 18-year history of the full set of foreign exchange video recording– Hao Wai AIATC system details Video / Forex EA system introduction video