AI AUTO Trade Cloud System EA – Automatically find the point of sale / automatic execution of the trading instructions / automatic check profit, stop loss / Genuine software

Rise and fall prediction module

Using deep learning training based on a large amount of historical data, what is the probability of judging whether it will rise, fall, or not rise or fall in the future?

Backtest module for unknown historical data

The learning and training model is back-tested through different historical data to determine its generalization and adaptability to unknown market conditions.

System execution module

The market is predicted every hour, and the opening and closing of the transaction is triggered by the prediction result, risk control and other systems.

Automated cloud transaction execution module

Transaction information is distributed to each transaction account by the copy system, and the transaction strategy is executed.

Automation capital management module

Using HA mathematical algorithm combined with automated funds management module, intelligent management of funds, position control, product portfolio, short cycle ratio, etc.

Automation risk control module

Independent research and development of the six degree of wind control module, multidimensional degree of systematic risk, non systematic risk, transaction process module and other distribution management and control.

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