• Core principles: reduce risk
    1, reduce risk;
    2, or reduce the risk;
    3, The two sides of the reference.
  • Target: stable profitability
    We need a sustainable, stable profitability;
    risk controllable profit
  • Vision: highly artificial intelligence
    Highly artificial intelligence transaction with self learning and thinking
Multiple accounts

Support unlimited account numbers, suitable for private equity or institutional management of many customers

Multiple computers

Support unlimited number of computers, use Internet response system to meet real-time interconnections between different countries and regions


Compatible with all trading platforms using MT4 and MT5 trading software, automatically matching the currency pair names of different platforms

web phone real-time monitoring background

Computer or mobile phone monitoring background, real-time monitoring of the online status of the documentary account, position consistency, risk control position ratio and other data

Multi-currency pair

Just load an EA chart and manage all currency pairs

Multiple parameters

Control a variety of parameters to achieve different accounts, different amounts, different positions, various flexible settings in different directions

Partial closing

Support order partial closing function, let your trading more freely

Cross platform statistics

Cross-platform statistics of the current day, this month, last month, this year, the previous year's trading lots, profit and loss, etc.

MT4\MT5 trading platform parameter display

Show the MT4 or MT5 trading platform account type, the leverage ratio, the minimum position, maximum positions, the proportion of explosion.

Real time statistics

At real-time statistics of each currency, let the dealer slip immediately to borrow, it is good method to choose the foreign exchange platform.

One key open (exclusive visual interface)

One key positions (all, short, long positions respectively), the real one key positions, exclusive visual interface.

Tip precision decision aids

System given by way of a small bell trading tips, so you can easily seize the opportunity of the transaction (three-year average accuracy rate of 73.8%).

MT4 TWS underlying parameter display

It shows MT4 leverage trading platform, the minimum position, maximum position, the proportion of warehouse explosion.MT4-compatible trading platform.

Invisible stop stop profit, to prevent trading platform sweep loss

You can set the amount of profit margin, the amount of stop loss, spread to stop the surplus, the spread stop, so that the trading platform does not know your stop price, can not be swept.

Helpful hints

Scientifically allocate assets and increase wealth steadily

Investment is risky. Be cautious when entering the market!